I start business project:
Sale and service of electro cars in Asia.
I attract investments and partners by the end of 2016.
I start this project in the 2nd quarter 2017.

1. Expanded description of the project
The future already came. Mass production and sale of electro cars, infrastructure (charging stations) – all this is repeatedly increased and intensively develops now, especially in China where we plan to open the autocenter and service of electro cars.
Except sale of a new cars and second-hand electro cars, we plan to start service on restoration and sale of accumulators. The range of electro cars we are guided of different price segments, but mainly around 40000 USD, production of local Chinese alliances (Nissan-Donffeng, Daimler-BYD, BMW Brilliance, VW GROUP), + Tesla Motors cars (only as an assortment position) and cheap Chinese electro cars (only as an assortment position). The above-mentioned companies sell electro cars direct, and through the dealers. First, we won’t be able to compete at the price as initially to receive the best dealer prices will be difficult, especially considering that we will sell different brands of electro cars. We will differ in other advantages:
1. We are the multibrand autocenter of electro cars. In one place our buyer can compare all available on sale in the Chinese market electro cars and choose the best one for them;
2. We are also sell second-hand electro cars;
3. We have a qualified service of electro cars and our price is lower than by the dealer;
4. We have a qualified service of accumulators;
5. We have a warehouse of parts, tires/weels, additional equipment and expendables;
6. Tuning of electro cars;
7. Support on the road, sale of charging stations for the house.
2. Marketing
offline advance:
local outdoor advertising;
various marketing ideas, actions;
organization of events, participation in actions;
partner programs.
online advance:
promoution of web-site, social networks, auto portals.
3. What resources we need?
HR director
The project manager
Chief accountant + accountants
Marketing specialist
SEO expert
2 employees of car sales
Head of service
Experts service-center
On outsourcing: security.
It is necessary 3556500 USD to an exit to operational payback (4 months)
– initial warehouse –1300000 USD
– the minimum warehouse stock of a car – 1200000 USD
– “cars in way” 500000 USD
– expendables and spare parts – 25000 USD
– rent of autocenter / technical center/parking – 25000 USD a month
– equipment for the autocenter and technical center – 130000 USD
– renovierung – 120000 USD
– training of employees of service abroad 12000 USD
– installation of 2 stations of charging of electro cars – 12000 USD
– operational costs of the building – 3000 USD a month
– registration of firm – 500 USD
– creation of the web-site – 5000 USD
– the budget for Internet advance – 3000 USD a month
– the budget for offline advance – 7000 USD a month
– fund of compensation – 25000 USD a month
4. Plan for sales and profit
Expenses in a month – 62900 USD
Average transaction – 37000 USD
Average margin from one transaction – 3570 USD
Profitability point – 17 electro cars a month
The turn 629000 USD a month, and gross profit – 62900 USD a month.
So far we don’t take sale of the additional equipment and income from service center into account.
5. What risks are we?
Human factor
Problems with service
Activity of competitors
Weak demand
Great demand
(Before start I will write detailed SWOT analysis).

On all questions write:
Yurlov Aleksandr Vladimirovich